Learning new behaviours


books1I failed last week. I tried to solve a problem and it didn’t work. Someone jokingly said it was because I used logic. Funny that. Logical left-brain thinking is not my natural style and yet after 15 years of working for a global IT corporation, it had become a learned behaviour.

Then it got me thinking…. What else do I do as a result of learned behaviour that no longer serves me?

Some psychologists say that by four years of age, we’ve learned our natural responses to every situation. That means that we are repeating the same patterns of behaviour decades later in the board room. Imagine that for a minute. Perhaps you throw your toys out of the pram when things don’t go your way in a similar way to the way you did when you were 4 years old!

What behaviour is no longer serving you?

What would serve you now?

When I did my coaching training, I was taught to use my intuition again. And I discovered that it was a natural style for me. It was something that I had hidden away for 15 years because the logical left-brained IT world didn’t really understand it. And they didn’t understand me when I used it. So I learned to use a logical style to fit in with the team.

Now as a coach, I get to use all my skills – both the learned behaviours and the natural styles. The key thing is flexibility and being open to trial and error. It’s important to continue to re-learn and re-evaluate every day of our lives. When we are open to learning, we can find new ways of doing things and new behaviours that serve us better. If the current way is not working, then it’s time for a change.

Perhaps we can apply that to our economic situation too. Perhaps it’s time for change in business. Perhaps that change starts with you.

What change will you make to serve you and the world better?

Putting it into practice

  1. Identify a situation that is not working for you.
  2. How do you want it to be?
  3. What change will you make?
  4. Share the changes you make and the impact they have by posting them in the comments below.

With love,
Jude. x

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